Barbaresco d.o.c.g.


This fine, well distinguished and austere dry red wine is made through the vinification of fully ripened grapes, selected from the best vineyard. It has a powerful body and is extremely balanced, good for pairing with grilled meats, game and cheese

Denomination: Barbaresco D.O.C.G.

Town: Treiso

Sun exposure: East

Grape: Nebbiolo

Pruning system: Arched Guyot

Aging: One year in Slavonia durmast barrels

Vinification: The selected grapes are harvested after complete ripening to start immediately the vinification process. The must fermentation takes 12 to 15 days and undergoes frequent treadings. Special care is put on the malolactic fermentation

Color: Ruby red with pleasant granata hints that become more intense with aging

Nose: Intense and aromatic, complex yet noble and persistent

Tasting notes: Important body yet armonic with silky sensations

Vineyard extension: 0,3 hectars

Aging: in bottle until the second year